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Mission Ready serves law enforcement, the military, government and other agencies through its various products and services. It has many deep-rooted partnerships that go back many years with government agencies and development labs working on requirement based initiatives to identify new and improved sales opportunities.

Government Contracting Solutions

Unifire is an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of over 1.5 million fire, military, emergency, law enforcement, outdoor, tools, hardware, and tactical items. Unifire not only sells products but provides specialized training for select first responder groups and law enforcement.

Unifire is an industry leading Small Business, Department of Defense Prime Vendor and holder of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)  Clothing and Textile Contract and, multiple GSA schedules, blanket purchase agreements and contracts with various other organizations and governmental departments.

Advanced Tech Rescue

The 9/11 emergency saw many products fail during the middle of mission critical operations. This is when Unifire stepped up to test a wide variety of products and put them through rigorous testing in real life emergency situations. This showed us what products worked, which failed and at what point they needed improvement or better design. The result was Unifire designing a more resilient and functional category of products which make emergency responders jobs easier. This ensures that rescue workers can focus on doing their job and not have to worry about equipment failure while trying to save a life.


Advanced Tech Rescue was created to be a trusted reseller of products that have undergone thousands of hours of performance under real life training events.  Unifire and its partner, Spec Rescue International, spent thousands of hours training rescue teams for FEMA and the Military in real life situations.

Protect The Force
MRS Manufacturing

PTF Manufacturing develops and sustains strong relationships within the protective products industry and provides premier products using experienced manufacturing as well as new product development and sales capabilities to both internal and external customers. The primary focus is providing outstanding quality products such as ballistic soft armor and armor carriers to those who serve us. Using our ever expanding network of suppliers, we are also able to provide additional resources to customers.


The PTFI division develops, enhances, tests and pioneers new and advanced technologies relating to defense and personal protection. Comprised of a highly qualified team of diverse innovators and product experts, the Innovations team is advancing the Company’s portfolio of groundbreaking new defense & security-related products including its revolutionary Flex9Armor and Tactical Shield Cover.

Protect the Force Innovations is a division of Protect the Force and develops and markets products in the area of wearable technologies synthesizing advanced textiles with electronics and computation for personal protection and safety.