Our Work
Humanitarian Support and Foreign Military Sales (FMS)


Mission Ready strategic partnerships in Central and Eastern Europe act as force multipliers for Mission Ready through the critically important relationships that will help support our allies

Task Force Antal

Trained as protectors of life and liberty, Task Force Antal (TFA) is a team of world-class volunteers and elite special operations veterans. TFA fearlessly enter some of the most dangerous conflict zones in the world to provide safe evacuation support, humanitarian aid, and complex crisis management solutions while consistently upholding their values of integrity, loyalty, duty, unwavering courage, and responsibility.

Task Force Antal empowers elite special operations veterans to continue their dedicated work through their next phase of life. Although they are leaving direct-action combat behind when they retire, being a part of TFA’s team gives these veterans the opportunity to leverage their specialist skills and experience while continuing to fulfil their life´s mission and values. Their integrity and courage enable TFA to provide life-saving services and support to those who need it most in conflict zones where others cannot or dare not go.

Our work with Task Force Antal has been instrumental in supporting our allies and providing them with needed products and solutions for their mission. This strategic partnership has also allowed us to present our offering to decision-makers worldwide and emphasize the need for other countries to carefully evaluate their emergency response strategy and needs, directly translating into increased opportunities for Foreign Military Sales (FMS).

Ukraine - Support Hospitals in Ukraine

Support Hospitals in Ukraine has been delivering humanitarian medical aid to Ukraine since 2014. To address the critical needs resulting from Russia’s war on Ukraine, Support Hospitals in Ukraine has shifted its focus to providing tactical medicine and field surgery supplies. When the war is over, Support Hospitals in Ukraine will continue providing medical equipment and supplies to the hospitals in Ukraine to rebuild the country.

To date, Mission Ready has helped Support Hospitals in Ukraine source Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs), tourniquets, and other tacmed products that have been successfully delivered to the frontline.

Industry Outreach


Mission Ready provides mission-critical products and solutions to law enforcement, firefighters, rescue, military, and other government agencies worldwide. Mission Ready's participation in industry events is critical to fostering the Company's many deep-rooted relationships while encouraging new strategic partnerships that will help identify and capture improved sales opportunities.

GSOF Symposium

GSOF Symposium Europe is a conference and exhibition which brings international Special Operations Forces stakeholders together to network, explore topical developments, and do business.

Mission Ready's representatives were invited to showcase their solutions at Task Force Antal's booth during the 2022 edition of the event.


The National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) General Conference is the Association’s annual business meeting. Army and Air National Guard officers from all 50 states, three territories and the District of Columbia gather to network, set their legislative agenda and hear from America’s civilian and military leaders. Family members, industry representatives and local officials also attend.

Mission Ready's representatives attended the event alongside our partners at ASP, Inc. and Paratore Enterprises.

Innovation - Research and Development


Mission Ready is committed to providing state-of-the-art products and technologies relating to defense and personal protection. Through its innovation division, Mission Ready develops, enhances, tests, and pioneers new and advanced technologies relating to defense and personal protection.

Development of Next Generation Law Enforcement Uniform for Homeland Security

Protect the Force Inc. (PTF), the Company’s innovation and manufacturing division, has been awarded a Research and Development (R&D) contract for the development of an Updated Law Enforcement Duty Uniform (ULEDU).

The award follows a Broad Agency Announcement solicitation (70RSAT21R00000005) by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) First Responder Group (FRG). As a result of the award, DHS S&T has obligated US$1,391,697.32 in funding for the 18-month project, payable on a pre-defined set of milestones.

PTF will work on developing and testing a duty uniform for Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) that provides increased protection against a range of common hazards, including weapon attacks, burn injuries, blood-borne pathogens, and extreme weather. PTF will work alongside North Carolina State University – Textile Protection and Comfort Center (NCSU-TPACC) and Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service – Institute for Law Enforcement & Protective Services Excellence (TEEX – ILEPSE). NCSU-TPACC will provide expert services and perform testing of the materials and the uniform systems, while TEEX-ILEPSE will provide feedback on system integration features and user acceptability.

Development of Hardened Arm Protective Yoke Prototype(s) for the US Army

Protect the Force Inc. (PTF), the Company’s innovation and manufacturing division, has been awarded an Other Transaction for Prototype Agreement to develop a hardened arm protective yoke (HARPY) for next-generation body armor.

The award is in reference to a Request for Project Proposal (RPP) DEVCOM SC BOTAA 22-01 by the US Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground – Natick Contracting Division. As a result of the award, PTF will fabricate HARPY prototypes for the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command – Soldier Center (DEVCOM-SC).

The HARPY will be an integral part of a future protective ensemble, compatible with the Army Combat Shirt (ACS), among other items. The garment is intended to enhance Soldier protection and mobility while meeting the DoD performance and standard military textile requirements (flame retardancy, antimicrobial, visual signature, care, maintenance, etc.)