Mission Ready Newsletter | October 2021 Corporate Overview and Discussion on Growth Opportunities

Fellow Shareholders,

October marks the beginning of the new fiscal year for the US Government. And with this new year come many questions surrounding the budget and an opportunity to provide a corporate overview and discuss growth and strategy.

Mission Ready’s goal is to provide turnkey solutions to the United States Government in response to the challenges they face. Accordingly, we have supported law enforcement, military, government, and other agencies throughout the years by manufacturing and sourcing various products and services needed to accomplish their duty, including Personal Protective Equipment. More recently, as part of our commitment to provide solutions, we have successfully provided PPE to the Defense Logistics Agency in their initial response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to assist in the efforts to respond to this evolving situation and have reiterated our strategic commitment to provide critical supplies and solutions through the recent announcement of a $3.8 million order placed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) using Unifire’s GSA schedules. Importantly, we have validated our contracting infrastructures and showcased our ability to rapidly source and offer an extensive inventory of quality products, including disaster response.

Our position as an industry leader has led our team to increase engagement with various government bodies and agencies in planning activities where officials and key industry players joined to create a dialogue on needs and opportunities. Being engaged with decision-makers on the frontside of innovation allows us to see the potential for growth and identify three major areas of potential; Cybersecurity, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (“CBRN”), and Information Technology. As a result, we have been proactive in allocating additional resources that will help us capitalize on those verticals encompassing R&D funding, large contracts, and sales & services opportunities they represent. 

Protect The Force, and Unifire Inc continue to be engaged in DHS R&D-funded efforts in order to advance first responders technologies. Both companies have submitted white papers, which have materialized in invitations to provide full proposals for potential 2022 funding.

We had anticipated that the government would increase its spending by the end of the fiscal year to leverage its 2021 budget. Though this was not the case during the 2021 fiscal year, the government’s capacity to allocate significant resources to the space in which we operate remains strong, and several vehicles exist that would allow the government to spend with limited time constraints. We are confident that Unifire GSA schedules, recent Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA), coupled with our demonstrated ability to provide the government with the products they need when they need them, will be significant factors in our continued success.

We have worked diligently on realigning our financial resources while bolstering our human resources by notably strengthening our sales team, who has worked tirelessly on submissions currently in various stages of the solicitation process while actively onboarding new vendors and reinforcing existing relationships that are the keystone to our success and help us retain our favorable positioning as an industry leader. As recently evidenced by the Department of Homeland Security, we have focused on generating sales through our reinvigorated efforts related to our GSA Schedules and continue to receive a sustained flow of orders that maintains our cash positive position.

The positioning of Advanced Tech Rescue has also allowed us to allocate resources to better represent our legacy products, where Unifire has worked since 1987 to set the standard in critical life-saving products and enhance our sales efforts to advance opportunities for high-performance rescue equipment that have undergone thousands of hours of real-life emergency situations while maintaining their durability and resilience.

Even as Government spending is off pace with our expectations, we have been active in mitigating the lull in awards by increasing our manufacturing capabilities through investment in equipment that will improve our processes and efficiencies and open up the door to new revenue opportunities. And with global supply issues being discussed worldwide, we have positioned ourselves favorably, obtaining payment terms from key vendors and suppliers to ensure our ability to meet anticipated demand. We have also been proactive in securing Berry compliant and 510(k) certified suppliers to meet the highest standards of future contracting opportunities.

While our focus remains on protecting those who protect us by providing our country with the products and services they need, we continue actively working with our partners to explore opportunities and use those relationships as a force multiplier.

Internally, our team of innovators and experts – whose depth of knowledge and industry relationships have successfully materialized in groundbreaking solutions, patented innovations, and ongoing discussions with advanced technology pioneers – are committed to proactively championing Unifire’s catalog of disruptive solutions to all levels of the US Government.

Our Board of Directors and Advisory Committee are comprised of leaders and luminaries in their respective fields, who have not only inspired changes across the military, law enforcement, fire and rescue, banking, and apparel industries but have also given rise to new opportunities that are well within our colloquial ‘wheelhouse’ as a comprehensive government solutions provider.

Finally, our team continues to be committed to building shareholder value through ongoing discussions with institutional groups and communications initiatives that will help Mission Ready support and inform its shareholder base while bringing awareness to the story you all came to know, but that remains largely untold.



Buck Marshall

(Signed “Buck L. Marshall”)

President & CEO

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