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As we’ve alluded to in our most recent press release, our priority has been to showcase Mission Ready’s capabilities. We have successfully met with United Nations and Ukrainian representatives and continue working with them to establish positive relationships.

The current global political climate has increased the possibilities for foreign military sales and, more crucially, highlighted the need for reliable sources to meet the demand of international crisis and humanitarian response efforts. Consequently, we have developed materials that demonstrate our strengths in these two areas, and we are in constant contact with foreign governments, intergovernmental organizations, and humanitarian groups.

As part of these newly established connections, Mission Ready is working alongside Task Force Antal (“TFA”). TFA is a non-profit organization specializing in crisis management and evacuation support for U.S. Citizens, lawful permanent residents, allies, and their families.

TFA’s inception lies in the end of U.S. operations in Afghanistan. Since then, TFA has successfully managed the safe evacuation of over 1,400 American Citizens, legal permanent residents, and individuals with Special Immigrant Visas, including several high-value assets with heightened security profiles, from Afghanistan. Through its extensive network of trusted assets on the ground, TFA ensures that the basic needs of those in hiding are met and work to coordinate eventual evacuation.

TFA’s team has been working around the clock to ensure that U.S. Citizens, Ukrainian American families, vulnerable Ukrainians, and third-country citizens are safe until they can find passage out of Ukraine to escape the Russian invasion. With countless women and children among them, these people are under constant threat of violence and death.

As some of you have also witnessed through our social media, we have also started working with Support Hospitals in Ukraine, a non-profit organization committed to supporting hospitals in Ukraine with much-needed modern medical equipment and supplies.

To address the critical needs caused by Russia’s war on Ukraine, Support Hospitals in Ukraine are shifting the focus to meeting the most urgent need, by providing tactical medicine and field surgery supplies.

While both these relationships are at their debut, our organizations are aligned and we are mutually committed to working together to support Ukraine.

InvestorIntel.com recently published a story by Matt Bohlsen on April 6th that is Trending in their Top 10 section at #2, which may be accessed at the following link Trending – InvestorIntel. And the story, titled Mission Ready Solutions enters 2022 with a new USD$200 million contract from the U.S. Department of Defense may be accessed here https://bit.ly/3K9MUuW

In parallel to our efforts to put Mission Ready at the forefront, we are focused on the growth and scaling of our operations. We firmly believe that these strategic approaches will support our short- and long-term objectives. While scaling entails increasing our short-term revenues, we want to ensure we do so without significantly exhausting our resources. The submission to the V.A. schedule as a prospective addition to our current GSA schedules is a perfect example of the Company’s revenue streams expansion plan. Through our networks and favorable positioning, we have also highlighted areas of need for governments and agencies. We have been working on identifying products, solutions, and technologies that will help us meet future demands. As a result, we have established or strengthened ties through distribution and dealer of record agreements to enhance our offering. We have worked on bringing those partnerships to light for the last year as a glimpse of our progress behind the scenes.

We have bolstered our team, adding industry experts who bring established networks and specialized knowledge to our Company. We have also invested in enhancing our manufacturing capabilities over the last year and are in active discussions for OEM opportunities. We’ve also identified additional revenue streams that would require additional human and manufacturing resources. As a result, we have assessed and forecasted these potential needs and have formed strategic alliances that will support us in meeting and exceeding these new requirements.

Finally, a word from our Chairman, Major General (Retired) James “Spider” Marks:

“As a follow-up to my recent share disposition, I would like to provide some context to clarify that my decision to monetize these shares at this time is in no way a reflection of my sentiments on the direction or future of Mission Ready, and was transacted for the sole purpose of satisfying certain time-sensitive personal obligations. To be clear, I am more bullish on Mission Ready as a Company than ever before which is why I am pleased to have been able to fund the bulk of my requirements through alternate sources of capital. Believing strongly that Mission Ready is on a path towards unprecedented growth and success, both near and long-term, I have every intention to rebuild and bolster my equity position in the Company.”


Buck Marshall
(Signed “Buck L. Marshall”)
President & CEO


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