Mission Ready Newsletter | December 2021 | Letter from the CEO

Fellow Shareholders,

December indicates the end of the Company’s fiscal year. But December is neither an end nor a beginning and instead marks the continuation of the progress we make as One Company, One Team, going in One Direction. This year’s end is also a time to reflect on our achievements.

Earlier this month, we announced that Unifire had been awarded up to $200MM for the COTS Shelter Systems. But what does this mean for your Company? First and foremost, this announcement emphasized your Company’s ability to thrive amid uncertainty. While Unifire joins other industry leaders on an existing contract, this new $200MM ceiling represents the Company’s portion of this contract. Importantly, as part of our proactive approach to seek opportunities with superior ratios, Unifire successfully positioned itself as the manufacturer of record for some products currently included in the contract, effectively adding greater value to the contract as we realize two different (but related) sources of revenue.

2021 allowed us to focus on value drivers, making great strides in reducing our liabilities and positioning the Company for long-term growth. We have continued to build relationships with our vendors and partners while bolstering our dealer network and introducing several new disruptive products and services, positively increasing our offering and showcasing our ability to provide the Government with solutions to unmet needs.

We have also overhauled our communications, redefining our image, message and audiences, along with the use of our communication channels. We have kept our stakeholders updated on the Companies’ progress and have shared our story with industry media, analysts, and institutional investors. With ongoing discussions, we feel that we were able to efficiently grab their attention and convey the excitement and potential behind our story.

As we approach the new year, our team continues to increase its marketing efforts to get our name and story on everyone’s radar ahead of important catalysts and progress in our outreach to institutional investors internationally.

We also reflect on what 2022 will bring for the Company and its shareholders. While our primary focus remains to provide the Government with innovative products and solutions through precise and accurate responses to solicitations – or via our existing contracting vehicles including Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA) and Schedules (GSA and VA) – we continue to work with our domestic and international partners to explore opportunities and to accelerate the expansion of our product distribution network.

The imminent launch of our full-scale E-Commerce platform will mark a new step towards our efforts in building layered revenue streams, allowing us to offer more than 20,000 products, including both in-house and vendors’ products, in one convenient, easy-to-shop location that’s readily accessible to retail consumers.

With a second continuing resolution adopted earlier this month to keep the Government funded through February 18, 2022, we are also confident that the new year will effectively bring a new budget and needed stability and predictability for our Government and its agencies, restoring their ability to continue to be ready for today, while looking at investment in the future.


I wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season.




(Signed “Buck L. Marshall”)

Buck L. Marshall

President, CEO and Director



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