Fellow Shareholders,

As you know, we have recently filed our Q2 financials. Below is a summary of the key information for the six months ended June 30, 2022:

  • Gross revenues of $3 million
  • Gross margin of 29% for the period (reflecting the generally higher margins the Company receives on products manufactured in-house)
  • 13% decrease in operating expenses from the same period in 2021 (primarily associated to a reduction in professional fees, wages and benefits and stock-based compensation)
  • $1 million working capital (mainly due to repayments on notes payable)
  • $2.2 million of cash and cash equivalents

As we approach the end of the fiscal year for the US Government (September 30), I would like to provide some insights into the active opportunities in the pipeline, our corporate vision and our strategic positioning as it relates to the global economic conditions and our readiness to react quickly, respond competitively and perform flawlessly. I can say with utmost confidence that our company positioning is stronger than ever. Our capacity to generate profits has been exponentially increased over the last year, with upwards of 60 active responses for solicitations, representing an estimated potential over $1 Billion US dollars. We remain highly confident in our ability to capture and monetize a substantial portion of these existing opportunities while we continue to build our burgeoning pipeline with additional opportunities for the future.

While government contracting delays have been experienced across our industry, our team has utilized the time to respond to solicitations, develop and maintain strategic partnerships, and continue refining our order fulfillment processes. With the recent changes within our structure, our companies are utilizing resources more efficiently than ever before, building layered revenue streams both within and outside of the realm of government contracting.

Consequently, the Company has been directing certain resources towards the development of its innovations and manufacturing divisions, PTF Innovations (“PTFI”) and PTF Manufacturing (“PTFM”), respectively. Now led by Francisco Martinez, Chief Technology Officer of Unifire (as announced in a news release dated July 21, 2022), both PTFI and PTFM are well-situated to capture several development and manufacturing contracts, any one of which would quite conceivably elevate both divisions to levels not yet reached in the Company’s history.

Through our current OEM work, we have optimized our manufacturing processes, expanded our capabilities, positioned ourselves as a robust alternative for domestic cut and sew services within our networks, and expanded our scope considerably by creating an emerging network of cut and sew facilities through the formation of strategic alliances.

The General Services Administration (GSA) has now finalized the consolidation of the numerous GSA Schedules under a single Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) encompassing, among others, all the categories of products and services offered by Unifire. Unifire’s team continues identifying disruptive products, solutions and technologies that match the emerging needs of our customers for inclusion in our GSA product catalog. With the completion of the MAS consolidation project, we are optimistic that our submission to be part of the VA GSA Schedule will now soon be decided, and with our current and expanding network of medical supply vendors and manufacturers, effectively complement the products offered under the estimated $14B annual budget.

Our team also recently attended the 144th General Conference & Exhibition, where we presented to more than 2,000 Army and Air National Guard officers from all 50 states.

Putting ourselves at the forefront and showcasing our capabilities within our industry remains a priority. We recently added another arrow in our quiver by creating a Procurement Pathway Guide, a tool that will be essential for the people we meet to understand the different pathways available to them for procurement through Unifire’s contracting vehicles.

Finally, as experts forecast that global tensions and attacks on Ukraine will continue to escalate, our work with Task Force Antal and Support Hospitals in Ukraine has been instrumental in supporting our allies. This also emphasized the need for other countries to carefully evaluate their emergency response strategy and needs, directly translating into increased opportunities for Foreign Military Sales (FMS). We continue active discussions with allied countries and organizations to provide solutions and identify potential areas of need. These strategic partnerships in Central and Eastern Europe act as force multipliers for Mission Ready through the critically important relationships that will drive purchasing when the US Government allocated funds finally make their way to contracting opportunities.


Buck Marshall
(Signed “Buck L. Marshall”)
President & CEO

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