In this time of giving thanks, I reflect on the great progress we continue to make as a Company and as a team.  November has been a very exciting month, marked by positive change and forward progress.  In addition to a few thoughts that I am excited to share with you in this newsletter, we’ll hear from a couple other members of our leadership team who will highlight some of the noteworthy events and achievements that have taken place in the past few weeks.

Following the successful completion our first “Virtual” Annual Shareholders Meeting held earlier this month, we provided a brief update through which we endeavored to convey our vision for the direction of the Company and our appreciation to you – our shareholders – for your enduring support.

As announced November 12, 2020, it’s a tremendous honor to welcome Commissioner William Bratton as a Director of Mission Ready, and to have the privilege of serving alongside him as a fellow board member. Commissioner Bratton brings a wealth of knowledge, leadership and governance experience to the Company’s already robust Board of Directors. If you have not yet had the chance to do so, I would encourage you to review the brief summary of Commissioner Bratton’s impressive background and expertise included in our November 12, 2020 news release, available at the following link:  News Release | Appointment of William Bratton to Mission Ready’s Board of Directors.

In keeping with our commitment to build sustainable shareholder value, we continue to explore ways in which we can increase market awareness and broaden our reach throughout the investment community. As a key element of an ambitious investor outreach program that we envision implementing throughout 2021, we intend to initiate the process to obtain a secondary listing (dual listing) for our shares on the OTCQB, a US-based trading platform operated by the OTC Markets Group in New York, USA.

To be considered for a listing on the OTCQB, companies are vetted to ensure high standards with respect to financial reporting and general disclosure practices among other criteria and, as defined by the OTC Markets Group Inc., all companies are required to appoint a qualified, third-party investment bank or attorney as a Principal American Liaison (PAL) sponsor to help with the admission process, post disclosure in English, and act as a trusted resource for all their investor information needs and U.S. market protocols.

“An OTCQB listing will serve to provide current and prospective U.S. investors with streamlined access to the Company’s stock and public market data, while offering greater liquidity for Canadian and US investors, alike,” states Terry Nixon, Chief Compliance Officer and a Director of Mission Ready Solutions Inc. Mr. Nixon continues, “We are excited to further expand our reach in the marketplace and become more accessible to the extensive network of investors within the United States and internationally.”

Further to our October 8, 2020 news release reporting that we had received aggregate purchase orders totaling ~C$112 million pursuant to the isolation gown contracts awarded by the United States Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support Clothing & Textiles (“DLA C&T”) supply chain, Unifire personnel have been busy fulfilling orders according to the specified delivery schedules.  Skip Church, President of Unifire, states, “We are grateful for the many channels through which we are able to contribute meaningfully to the pandemic response efforts, having shipped approximately 4.7 million isolation gowns across the DLA C&T contracts since September 2020As a result of the recent contract awards, we have had the opportunity to further bolster our relationship with those who serve within DLA, and to forge a respectable reputation as a leading provider of critical pandemic relief solutions.”

Since my first introduction to Unifire approximately 8 years ago, I’ve been privy to the many facets of Unifire including its rapidly expanding government contracting business, and its foundational focus on solutions for Fire and Emergency Services.  When I came onboard, part of my vision was to revitalize the core Unifire business – not as a replacement or a distraction from the lucrative world of government contracting, but as a complementary product offering. Though we remain laser focused on expanding the many opportunities we see across several procurement and supply contracts, as we grow and add to our team, we expect to uncover additional, accretive revenues streams to be captured though our core manufacturing division.

In just a few short weeks, we have made great strides in rebuilding our core product line and distribution network throughout China, India and the Philippines. Unifire’s Chief Operating Officer, Dan Raczykowski, states, “Over the next few months, we will be revamping our dealer network and introducing several new products to our lineup. Looking ahead, we envision leveraging our current domestic and international partnerships to accelerate the expansion our core-product distribution network throughout the world.”

Mission Ready trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol MRS.

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Letter to shareholders from Buck Marshall, President and Chief Executive Officer

Dear Fellow Shareholders,

As I reflect on my first two weeks as CEO and President of Mission Ready Solutions, I thought it important to address our shareholders in a more casual format than that of a formal news release.  My intent, when relevant and necessary, is to communicate with our shareholders on a more frequent cadence, independent of the Company’s ongoing disclosure obligations.

Though I must still adhere to the applicable rules and regulations, my hope is to share my excitement for Mission Ready Solutions, our employees, and our investors. During my first week, I traveled to meet, in person, almost all of our employees.  Through these face to face conversations, I have gained valuable insights into the daily challenges they face and the dedication they have for the company.  This dedication is exciting to me as I know our future success will depend on the will of our employees to accomplish the tasks ahead.

Further to the numerous sizeable contracts – and follow-on purchase orders – that we’ve recently announced, I would like to add that Protecting Those Who Protect Us is more than merely a slogan, it is a guiding principle.  Our Mission Statement is to produce and provide military, fire, rescue and law enforcement with the products and knowledge required to fulfill their unique duties. We accomplish this mission by delivering outstanding products, extensive customer service, continuous education and advanced problem solving to our customers.

Additionally, I think it is important to discuss the current projects we are undertaking as a team.  This includes a core system upgrade which will allow our team to work more efficiently and will eliminate barriers so that each member is unencumbered and empowered to excel in their respective roles. This software will unite our sales team, our financial team and our leadership team in real time.  This will be invaluable for us as we make critical decisions on an array of fluid issues.

Lastly, I want to thank our employees and investors for your continued support, unwavering dedication and steadfast resolve to push forward during times of both turbulence and celebration. I am confident in my ability to apply structure to our financial position which will equip us to capture revenue opportunities with laser focus. We are building the framework to be competitive on any contract or opportunity going forward. We have turned the corner and the future is bright!


Buck Marshall
President & CEO