Protect The Force Inc. Enters into Agreement with Emergstat Technologies LLC to Promote Wound Treatment Technology

VANCOUVER, B.C. – May 7, 2013 – Protect The Force Inc (“PTF”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Mission Ready Services Inc. (“MRSI”), has entered into a consulting agreement with research and development company, EmergStat Technologies LLC (“EmergStat”). In return for an equity position in EmergStat, PTF will introduce and advance their wound management technologies to military and first responders worldwide.

Uncontrolled bleeding (hemorrhaging) continues to be the leading cause of preventable combat-related deaths and ranks second in civilian trauma incidents. EmergStat’s proprietary technology centers on a new light-weight bioactive wound dressing/pack which offers a plethora of potentially life-saving benefits including the following:

  1. stops bleeding in less than two minutes at any point on the body;
  2. easy application by a medic or the wounded soldier themselves;
  3. prevention of infection via localized delivery of antimicrobials;
  4. direct pain-relief through a controlled release of analgesics;
  5. ready-to-use with no special preparation or training;
  6. breathable to aid wound healing, and;
  7. stable under harsh climatic conditions for extended periods of time

In addition to EmergStat’s innovative wound dressing solutions, the Company is also developing a nanofibrous bioactive dermal dressing composed of a non-degradable electrospun polymer barrier and a biodegradable layer. The non-degradable layer will prevent further trauma by protecting the wound site from mechanical stress and bacterial infection while the degradable polymer layer will incorporate antimicrobial, tissue ingrowth and vascularization agents.

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Protect The Force Inc. is a strategic consulting firm specializing in providing leading manufacturers and technology firms with relationship management, product development, acquisition expertise and marketing support geared towards successfully selling to the Government. 

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