10-20 Cleaning & Repair of SPEAR Equipment – A potential US Government Savings of $3.7M in 2013

A New US Defense Strategy is emerging. Four prominent defense think tanks agree that future defense strategy must be in line with shrinking resources. DoD can’t do more with less. The US must defend itself more efficiently and our allies must do more for themselves. Likely future DoD reductions: European bases, F-22, F-35, healthcare, lead system integrators, contractor labor, nuclear arsenal, Army force structure, protracted land wars, incremental force modernization and one aircraft carrier group. Likely future spending increases will be toward: specific Navy & Air Force platforms, SOF, Space, Cyber, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, S&T funding for development of leap-ahead military technologies, operations & maintenance funding for existing military equipment and joint force cooperation.

Restore, Don’t Replace
By cleaning and repairing individual Soldier equipment for the Special Operations Command in 2013, 10-20 Services will potentially save the government $3.7 million dollars in gear replacement costs.


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10-20 Services Inc. is part of the Mission Ready Services Inc. group of companies providing total solutions to enhance the performance of military personnel, first responders and those who protect us by ensuring they are equipped with the best possible personal protective equipment. MRSI also includes Protect The Force Inc., No Contact, LLC and CES Ensemble Services Inc.

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